The Workshop

Workshop projects are for stuff in the garage (CNC, Reprap, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, metal casting, etc...)

I wanted to try and print some planetary gears to try and make my 4th axis work better.

Here's my journey of building a Reprap 3d Printer. Took about two weeks to get to the point where I was printing and I am still tweaking things to get good prints but it's working well enough to share :)

I just realized that I've never uploaded anything about my latest 4th Axis that I've thrown together - so here are some pictures and a video about it!

I am working on a project for my Enco Mill Drill Lathe - it's a Power Feed driven by a Parallax Propeller and EasyDriver - part of the project involves making some Timing Pulleys to hook it all up! So this post is about the Timing Pulleys! Check out some pictures and videos!

I broke my son's RC helicopter and lost a piece that goes on the blades - so I made one on my homemade CNC machine!


These are my posts about my CNC hobby, now to include my new Reprap 3d Printer :)

These are my electronics projects, working with the Parallax Propellor, Arduino, stepper motors, you name it!

Here are some of my Metalworking projects, probably with my Enco 3-in-1 Mill / Drill / Lathe

Here are some of my woodworking projects using my Shopsmith Mark VII and other various woodworking tools

Here are some of my adventures in casting aluminum with my homemade foundry