The Workshop

Workshop projects are for stuff in the garage (CNC, Reprap, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, metal casting, etc...)

Here's a video and a few pictures of a custom tackle tray I milled on my homemade CNC machine

In my neverending quest to come up with a good(cheap) linear bearing idea - I had bought some "Butcher Boy" bearings off of eBay for cheap. Well they were way too sloppy for any linear motion - so here's how I converted them into good Homemade V-Bearings that I could use (and still for cheap) :)

No the sign isn't made out of Kevlar, it's made out of wood (Red Oak to be exact) - the baby's name is Kevlar ;) Check out the custom sign I made for his room on my homemade CNC machine!

Made a sign for Pop for Father's day on my homemade CNC machine - Check it out!

I made a "praying soldier" yard silhouette piece for a lady who found me on Craig's List. Stands about 30" tall and about 40" wide - Check out the pictures!


These are my posts about my CNC hobby, now to include my new Reprap 3d Printer :)

These are my electronics projects, working with the Parallax Propellor, Arduino, stepper motors, you name it!

Here are some of my Metalworking projects, probably with my Enco 3-in-1 Mill / Drill / Lathe

Here are some of my woodworking projects using my Shopsmith Mark VII and other various woodworking tools

Here are some of my adventures in casting aluminum with my homemade foundry