The Workshop

Workshop projects are for stuff in the garage (CNC, Reprap, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, metal casting, etc...)

Hey everybody! So recently I bought a Smithy Granite 1340 MAX Mill Drill Lathe - I love it, it's a great machine and a huge upgrade over my previous mill drill lathe. I do have one small problem with it though - there's no real "finishing pass" gear. The slowest speed and lowest gear is still cutting 52 threads per inch and while that's OK, and I could grind a tool with a radius tip to make it even better, I'd rather just have a finish pass speed!

So I made one!

I've worked with the Parallax Propeller and Easy Driver boards for years, I used them in my Monster in a Box project, and have used them with my stretching machine project as well - they are really easy to work with and the Parallax Propeller is super easy to program.

Here's a quick wiring diagram of how I wired things up

and here's a video of me explaining a bit on how I did it...

I've been wanting to mill out a circuit board for a while now - finally got around to it! :)

I had made a tailstock for my 4th Axis a while back and it recently broke (it was made from MDF LOL) so here's how I made my new 4th Axis Tailstock that I made with my homemade Reprap 3D Printer! :)

I wanted one of those fancy rail systems for my DSLR camera so I can do some more video work with my band. Turns out they cost a LOT of money, and I'm not down with spending a lot of money (especially when I can make all the parts myself and have the same thing - only better) :)

Well in seeing how tough the previous 3D printed gears were, I broke them :) so they were not that tough! LOL

So here's version 2.5 of the gears - I made everything beefier and also put two stages of planetary gears in there for more torque, less backlash, and just all around coolness :)


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