Yes you read the title right! I've converted my Shopsmith to do some metalworking for me! Check out the pictures and a short video clip :)

Allbeit some of this is "redneck" engineering at best - what works - works :)

Basically I've been studying and studying metal lathes for a while and was going to start working on a Gingery lathe, and I keep going back and forth in my head saying to myself that I've already GOT most of what I need in the Shopsmith - if I just could work out a cross slide tool holder thing I'd probably be good

So I ordered a 3 jaw self centering chuck, A Shopsmith to 8TPI adapter,  and an 8TPI plain back plate, and built a plate to connect my cross slide vise to the Shopsmith! The pictures and results speak for themselves - I'm quite pleased with them anyway :)

I suppose that if I start to do a lot of this kind of stuff it would be better to get one of those cheap Harbor Freight lathes, but for now - this works! :)

By the way - the bushing is for a 4th Axis I'm building for the CNC machine ;)

and here's a short video of some of it in action!(Right-Click the link and choose "Save-As") VIDEO