The price of the Harbor Freight 4 X 5 Micro Lathe dropped to $72 - so I snatched one up and figured it would be good to learn on and play with. It exceeds my expectations! Check it out!

Got the Lathe in on Friday and took a few hours to clean all the shipping grease off. Here are a few pictures of the "event" and a video of the lathe working - and it does work - quite well :)

Check back later for more projects, and possible a CNC conversion of this little lathe!

Tailstock Adapter Ok my first project is done! I made a tailstock adapter for a chuck that I had lying around

The chuck (and as it turns out the Live Center for my Shopsmith) have 1/2" threads... So I went out and baught a few bolts, cut off the head, and turned down the one side to fit into the tailstock!