Metal Casting Projects

Here are some of my adventures in casting aluminum with my homemade foundry

Well I've finally gotten to the point where I think I can share this one - I've been working on a new tilting furnace, not exactly a reverb furnace as I'm heating the metal directly - anyway, check out the article and let me know what you think :)

In my quest to melt aluminum, I have decided to build my own propane torch for my furnace.

Here's a video that I made that covers the lost foam casting process from cutting the foamy with a CNC machine to pouring the molten aluminum to finishing the part with a fly cutter! Check it out!

In the building of my two homemade CNC machines I have come to realize that to make my own aluminum parts would be really really helpful. So... I am starting my own homemade aluminum foundry :)

Not everything goes according to plan! Here are a few examples of that rule...