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Rejected Because: MDF Parts...

Ok - Started working on the X Axis today as I think the Y Axis is pretty solid so far... Basically these X Axis trucks are wider than the Y Axis ones - basically running on the width of the extruded aluminum. I still kept the idea of bolting them together to keep it so it moves as one piece. I also bolted on what might be the beginning of the Z Axis - but I have to figure out it's linear motion so there's a good chance this idea will change... More than likely I will add an X Axis bar to stabilze the Z Axis as well which will really stabilize the X Axis too - we'll see :)

Without furthur ado - here's the pictures and one video :)

X Axis Truck X Axis Truck Start of Z Axis

Check out the video of the X and Y axis moving :) Click Here