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Rejected Because: Previous Idea was expanded on, and I thought about making the MDF parts from aluminum - but decided against that because it's just going to be really difficult to get accurate results from my hobby foundry right now - and I've thought of another linear truck idea that so far looks like a keeper and is easy to assemble...

OK - been working on this linear truck idea for way too long - the last idea was pretty solid - but I've expanded on it a little bit connecting the two pieces with a piece of threaded rod rather than being two separate pieces - they act as one piece now... This makes it so that I don't need a piece of extruded aluminum right on top of the top piece and that gives me more table room :)

Also is a picture of the bed I put together that the sacrificial MDF will rest on... More updates coming tommorrw and make sure to keep an eye on the site as I will be posting about my NEW latest hobby very soon! ;)

Latest Linear Truck Current Look