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Rejected Because: This idea was close - but in the end I decided that I didn't want the bearings to ride on the aluminum - I figured I'd get too much wear - and also the parts were made from MDF and I've decided against ANY MDF in this build... it was close though! :)

Ok - sorry to take so long between the last update and this one - but i wanted to really work out this linear bearing idea before I kept posting things that I eventually change :) so this update is (I hope) the last in this "Linear Bearing Idea" saga...

Needless to say - that last idea racked too :( so I started looking at solutions I could buy instead... But that's just not my style ;) hehe - so after searching through a bunch I came across a few that I could try to re-make for my purposes and here's the latest linear bearing idea...

Basically I used my first homemade CNC Machine to cut me some parts again - which means these are made from MDF (as that's about all I can get away with cutting on machine #1) but they should suffice until I can #1 make sure they are exactly what I want and #2 until I can use my second homemade CNC machine to make them from hard plastic (like Delrin) or aluminum... I might be able to machine Delrin (or the like) with my first homemade CNC machine - and I got a piece to try - so that update will be coming soon ;)

Without further ado - here's the pictures and videos of the latest (and hopefully the last) linear bearing idea!

Current Look Current Look Current Look Current Look Current Look Current Look

and here's a video of that Y-Axis moving HERE

Ok - so that seems to work really well and I've got ideas to stiffin it up if it does rack - but so far (after 100 or so slides back and forth trying to loosen it) it's not racking...

Next we have my idea for the X Axis and I'm not 100% sure on this one yet - it seems solid - but I'm not sure about having the trucks on the inside... I think I'll move them to the outside - anyway - here are some pics of it and a video :)

Current Look Current Look

Video of X-Axis Idea