I had made a tailstock for my 4th Axis a while back and it recently broke (it was made from MDF LOL) so here's how I made my new 4th Axis Tailstock that I made with my homemade Reprap 3D Printer! :)

I made it to basically slide on the aluminum extrusion that I use to build everything. The top hole is made to fit a T nut (not to be confused with the aluminum extrusion T-slot nuts) but I wanted something solid to push against whatever I was clamping, so I figured these T Nuts were better than just plastic threads...

Next I designed it to be able to sink a nut into the inside so I could clamp it down on the extrusion too (I will print knobs for both bolts too)

After that I wanted it to be like a live center so I made (on the lathe) a skate bearing holder with threads in the end to fit the bolt I was using and then in the skate bearings I turned down a piece of drill rod and put a point on it - basically everything is made to stay together by pressure.

Without further ado :) Here's the pictures! and I will post some video up of it in action as soon as I can