Well I'm finally getting around to writing about the Maker Faire! :)

I had a blast at the Faire, I didn't get a chance to ake it around during the event to see all the cool stuff - it seemed everybody and their brother wanted to talk about the 3D Printers and so i was pretty much talking all day long - except for when we were outside casting aluminum :) I think next time I need to bring at least one person to help me - that way I can go around at least once and talk to all the people :)

They let Ron and I do an aluminum casting demo. Ron did a sand casting - casting a bracket that he'd made out of wood. It came out perfect! I did a demonstration of lost foam casting (since that's my favorite) and I went to Michaels and bought one of the foam skulls they sell for halloween decorations - I glued a sprue on at the base and buried it in the play sand in a bucket :) There is definetly a picture of it in the pictures and videos below...

The skull came out with a rough texture as expected, but held the shape of the skull really well - overall it was a great "wow" factor :)

There's a ton of pictures and videos online already for the faire and so I'm going to be lazy and hook you up with a few links :)

Some Pictures - Some More Pictures - Some Videos

and make sure to check out THIS video of the casting demo - molten aluminum FTW :)