Well at least I'm getting to it every month! :) I would like to post more often and I really should - Ok I'll try harder next time...

What's been up? Well I took a new full time job, so my afternoons in the garage have halted... Everything has to pretty much happen on the weekend now, but that's OK - keeps me more focused!
This past weekend I finished up a "Wishing Well" project for my niece who is getting married. Of course I had to involve the CNC machine somehow so I made them a sign that they can put on the wall or mantle later on :) The well was made using regular ole woodworking techniques and the sign was designed in Vectric Aspire.
Another small project I've been working on has been some Disc Golf Tags. I guess the players wager these on different holes on the course and the guy that has the most tags has... well he has a bunch of tags (and bragging rights) I don't get a chance to do aluminum "parts" much so it's nice to reassure that I can make stuff in aluminum :)
Speaking of aluminum - here's a hint at a big project I've been working on with Daryl from Texas Steel Props and Armory. It's going to be a replica Xena Chakram! It measures like 10 inches wide and about half an inch thick - without a doubt it's the largest aluminum piece I've made! Look for a post on the whole project soon!
I think that's a pretty good update! so that's it for now - hopefully I'll keep my promise and will update before next month! :)