I took the opportunity of the long weekend to get some much needed reorganizing done. I built some new shelves, split my "ultimate workbench" in two pieces, and did some general organizing and clean up.

I loved the workbench but it's really just too big for my garage and since I didn't put any casters in the middle, it was sagging and so rendered the middle part for using the chop saw useless. So I basically cut the thing in two and I'm using the one half still for the table saw, and the other half is now an "Assembly" table.

Since I was losing the storage that the workbench provided, I decided to build myself some new shelves, really taking up the whole available space on the wall - it's WAY better now and the shelves were pretty cheap to build.

Without further ado, here's some pictures of my newly organized workshop :) (it won't stay this clean for long!)