Here's my monthy blog post that's supposed to be more often than that! :)

If you haven't noticed, I redesigned the site, and in the process I "broke" a lot (probably all) of the links that Google has for the content. So I put two things on the right hand side of the site, the "Most Popular" and the "Latest" - in those lists you should be able to find what you were originally looking for... If no, then you can use the search tool - while it's not the greatest if you're generic in your search you should find what you want... and lastly you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can point you in the right direction (especially if it's for something that's in the downloads - I might have to re upload it for you)

You also may or may not have noticed the new "Community" menu link - I've added a community app and a forum for discussions. In the Community you can post your own pictures and have your own discussions and such, please give me some feedback on that feature :)

I also added a "Store" where I will be selling off some of the extra stuff I have and also selling CNC'd items such as signs and letters and whatever I can make to make a few bucks for my workshop habit ;)

In other news... My CNC machine is currently down... The router's bearings are shot and I need to get a new router - preferrably the same one I had (Hitachi M12VC) because I have the Precise Bits Collets for it and I just like the variable speed and overall quality of the router. So if you have a line on one (other than eBay - I'm all over those) let me know! :)