It's already June and here I am not posting on the "blog" again LOL - I've been busy with my latest project - making a power drive for my Enco Mill Drill Lathe. As usual there are set backs and things don't always go according to plan, but we'll get there!

CNC Tools Application
In other news - I've been working on a CNC "panel" program that will allow the user to pick a bunch of G-Code files and have them offset to be cut out on a panel without changing programs. The app is underway and I've started collaborating with another developer that's interested in the same idea.

We are using Google Code - where we can store the source code, have discussions, submit Issues, etc. If you'd like to get involved - even by throwing out some ideas for features - check it out! It's a closed project so I'd have to add you to it before you could edit anything, and you'd also need a Google account :)

Check it out and maybe even just do a little beta testing for us ;)